Climate Change and the Antartic

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Reasons why tourists should be allowed to visit An

Tourists want to go to Antarctica for the cool feeling of the fact your standing on the bottom of the Earth. Tourists also would like to go to Antarctica for the delicate scenery of the ice landscapes and the amazing environment.

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Reasons why tourists shouldn't be allowed to visit

People shouldn't be able to visit Antarctica because of climate change and also because of our environment (e.g. littering, wildlife etc). I am not saying everyone litters but I'm not saying that everyone does not litter and it can affect the continent. Also, if we introduce transport and buildings to Antarctica it can wreck it, and the poor animals have to suffer being evacuated from their homes or dying, but that is just unfair.

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A Conclusion and your own opinion

I think people should not visit Antarctica because Antarctica is very important to us and we do not want to ruin it, as building roads and introducing cars to Antarctica can affect the wildlife (reducing numbers) and cause more climate change than we already have. I personally think that we should leave the continent alone and only study there if necessary, so I think tourists should not be allowed there.

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