Classiv - Vases

Different types of vases and how gods are portrayed on them

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Greek Vases

  • Hydria - Three handled vase for water
  • Amphora - Storage jar for wine, oil or grain
  • Kylix - Wine cup
  • Kantharos - A wine cup with big handles
  • Pyxis - A storage pot for jewellery or makeup

They are made of clay and painted with 2 different techniques

  • Black figure -  Figure is painted then detail added through incision 
  • Red figure - Area around was painted in and detail painted on
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Zues and Ganymede

Zues in the sky and saw Ganymede - very handsome. Fell in love with him. Stole him to Mount Olympus to become a cup bearer

How to identify on a vase:

  • Z is bearded
  • G has dropped his staff in surprise
  • Z grabbing G's arm - violent
  • Thunderbolt
  • Z pulling back
  • G good looking - muscly and nice hair
  • Cockerel - lover's gift
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Artemis and Actaeon

Actaeon was a mortal man out hunting + accidentally saw Artemis naked. She was very angry and turned him into a stag so his own hunting dogs turned on him

How to identify on a vase:

  • She is higher - powerful
  • Small dogs to show dominance of Gods
  • Actaeon has his arm up - begging for help
  • She is not actually shooting him - symbol of her killing him
  • She's not naked because 1) Not right for us to see her naked 2)Women not generally shown naked
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