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Grouping Organisms

Two systems to classify organisms 

Natural- based on evolutionary links, organisms grouped together if they have common ancestry.

Artificial- based on visible features, groups of organisms easier to identify ( e.g. All yellow flowering plants could be grouped together) 

CLASSIFICATION= The grouping process of all living things 

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CLASS                                Dividing the kindoms 





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There are 5 KINGDOMS 

Kingdom                 E.G.

Plants                    Flowers, mosses, grasses

Animals                 Fish, insects, humans 

Fungi                     Mushrooms, toadstools, yeast

 Protoctista             Amoeba, algae

Prokaryotes           Bacteria 

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Problems with Classification 

Hybrids -  Individuals from closely related species can breed= produce hybrid- mostly infertile ( unable to breed)


Bacteria- unusal ( asexual organisms) 

Many species of bacteria- do not reproduce with each other- reproduce asexualy- classed as different speicies bases on chacteristics.


Constant evolution

Evolution- organisms slowly changing, enventually become new species


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