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Keep Ponds Clean Or Frogs Get Sick

Kngdom- Group of similar phyla  e.g. Animalia                     

Phylum- Groups of similar classes e.g. Chordata

Class- Group of similar orders e.g. Mammalia

Order- Group of similar families e.g. Carnivora

Family- Group of similar genera e.g. Canidae (dog family)

Genus- Group of similar species e.g. Canis

Species- Organisms that have most characteristics in common e.g. Canis lupus (domesticated dog)

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The five Kingdoms- Animalia

  • Animals 
  • Multicellular
  • Have no cell walls
  • No chlorophyll in cells
  • Feed heterophically (eat other organisms)
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The five Kingdoms- Plantae

  • Plants
  • Multicellular
  • Have cell walls
  • Have chlorophyll
  • Feed autotrophically (make own food)
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The five Kingdoms- Fungi

  • Multicellular
  • have cell walls
  • no chlorophyll
  • feed saprophytically (digest food outside the body)
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The five Kingdoms- Protoctista

  • Mostly unicellular (body is a single cell) 
  • Nucleus in cell
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The five Kingdoms- Prokaryotae

  • Mostly bacteria
  • Unicellular
  • No nucleus in cell
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