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When are tragedies performed?

Day light 

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- god of drinking, wine and fun 

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Where do tragedies take place?

Theatre of Dionysus in Athens

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circular acting area and dancing floor

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the altar/raised area at the centre of the orchestra

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entrances and exits either side of the orchestra

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- first a tent, but later a wooden building where actors would change.

- 2 by 4 metres high

- large central doorway, upper floor was used for acting

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When was the theatre of dionysus rebuilt?

- rebuilt in mid 4th century

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What was seating like?

used to be wooden chairs, now stone benches

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How many could it seat?

15,000 people

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What was the order of seating?

More important, closer to the stage

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What was the shape?

bowl shape

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How did tragedy develop?

songs on mythological themes

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