Classical Civilization GCSE (1)

These cards are made to help you revise for the Classical Civilization exam you will be taking on 18th of May.

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Greek Gods

Zeus - Weather, Hospitality - Thunderbolt sceptre.

Hera - Marriage - Crown, royalty.

Demeter - Harvest - Flowers, fruit or grain.

Poseidon - Sea, horses - Trident.

Hephaistos - Metal working, fire - Volcanos.

Appollo - Sun, music, art, prophecy - Quiver of arrows or a Lyre.

Artemis (twin sister) - Moon, hunting - Bow, animals.

Athene - Wisdom, tactical warfare - Owl, aegis (belt or shield alike.)

Aphrodite - Love - Sea shell.

Ares - War, destruction - Body armour.

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Greek Gods (cont.)

Hermes - Messenger - Winged sandals and helmet, wand.

Dionysos - Wine, theatre - Satyrs, vine and ivory.

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Order of the Animal Sacrifice

  • The animal was decorated with ribbons and gilded horns.
  • People washed themselves, and put on smart clothes.
  • Maiden carried a sacrificial basket, in which a knife was hidden.
  • Everyone walks to the altar. A ewer of water and an incense burner were carried by other participants, and the procession was accompanied by a flute player.
  • It was considered a good omen if the animal went willingly.
  • Once the party arrived to the sanctuary, they gathered in circle around the altar, upon which a fire was lit.
  • The participants washed their hands in the holy water, and took some grain from the basket, which they would use later on.
  • Sacrificer poured some water on the animal's head, making it nod.
  • A prayer was said by the priest, and the participants threw their collected grain at the animal.
  • Sacrificer cut off some hair from the animal's head and threw it on the fire
  • Sacrificer cut off the animal's head, blood pouring on the altar.
  • Women then utter a high-pitched cry.
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