Class civ- The odyssey

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2. Ismarus

-After leaving Troy.

-Odysseus and his crew sail to Ismarus.

-The home of the cicones.

-The cicones are allies with Troy.

-Odysseus and his crew raids and kills the cicones.

-The ciconian army retaliates.

-Kills seventy two of Odysseus's men.

-Odysseus sets sail again.

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3. Lotus Eaters

-The crew lands near the land of the Lotus Eaters.

-Odysseus sends two men to see what the natives are like.

-The natives devour a certain kind of magic lotus.

-The lotus causes anyone who eats it to become influctuated with it.

-Will make anyone not want to return home.

-The scouts fall victim to the plant.

-Odysseus forcefully brings them back to the ship.

-The crew sets sail again.

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4. Cyclops

-The next land holds a giant race of mem, the cyclops.

Odysseus and twelve men decide to investigate a particular cyclops and wait in the cyclop's cave, while the cyclops tends to his sheep.

The cyclops- Polythemus comes back.

-Eats some of the men and traps the rest in the cave.

-Odysseus blinds Polythemus.

The survivors reboard the ship and sail away.


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5. King Aeolus

-Odysseus and his men land on the island of the King Aeolus.

-Stays there in his company for a month.

-Odysseus recieves two paring gifts;

A west wind- to blow the ship's sail toward Ithaca.

And a bag containing all the unfavourable winds. 

-The crew sets sail to Ithaca.

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6. Laestrygonians

-The voyagers stop brieftly on the island of the laestrygonians.

-The Laestrygonians are ferocious Cannibals.

-They began to violently throw boulders at the ships.

-All of the ships sink except for Odysseus and his ship.

-Forty five men and Odysseus are all who are left to face the journey ahead.

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7. Circe

-The survivors sail to the island of Aeaea, the home of Circe.

-Eurylochus explores the island.

-Finds a beautiful lady.

-The men become swine and Eurylochus runs back to Odysseus to tell him what happened.

-Hermes comes to help Odysseus and his men.

-Hermes gives him a magical plant that prevents Circe's spells. 

-Gives directions as well (to Circe)

-Odysseus defeats Circe and the men stay on the island for a year.

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8. Land of the dead

-Finally Odysseus begs for Circe to let him and his men go.-She does so, but tells him;                                                                                                    He must first meet Teresias who resides amoung the dead.

-Odysseus and his men bring an offering to Hades- a ram.

-They are accepted into the underworld.

-There Odysseus meets Teresias who gives him a prophecy.

-The prophecy states that Odysseus will come back to Ithaca and claim his vengeance on the suitors of his wife Penelope.

-Odysseus also sees his newly deceased mother and speaks of his family with her.   

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9. Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis

-Circe warns Odysseus of the dangers ahead in their journey.

-She warns him of the siren;Half women, half bird beings.

Who lure sailors in with their beautiful voices to their doom.

-Circe also tells Odysseus of the horrible beast Scylla.-Also about the furious whirlpool- Charydbis.

-Circe proclaims Scylla will take six men in her six jaws.-It is possible to circumvent.

-The men cover their ears with bees wax and Odysseus strapped to the mast to escape the Sirens' trap as they pass through.

-Six men are killed as Circe predicted.

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10. Thrinacie

-After sailing away from the danger.

-The men pass by the iusland of Thrinacie.

-Twice Odysseus has been warned to avoid Thrinacie.-The men foolishly plunder the sheep.

-This angers Hyperion and Hyperion threatens to make the sun stop shining.

-Zeus appeases Hyperion by sending a thunderbolt to sink Odysseus's ship.

-Only Odysseus survives.

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11. Calypso

-Odysseus drifts away and washes ashore on Ogygia.

-A beautiful nymph- Calypso finds Odysseus and falls in love with him.

-She keeps him captive on her island for seven years.

-Zeus finally sends Hermes to tell Calypso to release Odysseus.

-She reluctantly abides and sets Odysseus free. 

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12. Odysseus meets King Alcinous

-Odysseus drifts away from Ogygia.

-Lands on the island of King Alcinous.

-Alcinous begs Odysseus to tell him of his travels.

-Alcinous holds a banquet in his honour and Odysseus relates his story.-While Odysseus is asleep, he is put on a boat to sail to Ithaca.

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13. Home coming.

-Odysseus finds himself at Ithaca, though he does not realize he is home.

-Athena appears and tells him he is indeed home.

-She disguises him as an old man so he can sneek into his house with the evil suitors being unaware of who he is.

-The suitors have grown impatient, so Penelope holds an archery contest with the winner receiving her hand in marriage.

-Odysseus as the old man wins the contest and reveals himself.

-He kills the suitors and embraces Penelope.

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