Civil Rights-NAACP

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As a response to the Sprngfield Riot, Du Bois and other leading AA rights activists, both black and white, formed the 1st civil rights organisation. DB saw a group of academic whites emerging who began to support the cause.

The only black leader of the initial NAACP was DB

The deprived poor AAs couldnt relate to this group of middle class AAs and Whites.

Investigated racism, published it, suggested solutions and then took legal action to ensure their rights and protection. Believed that races should live work and be educated together,

Non violent, cautious bureaucratic, court cases were to establish rights. Such as Guinn v. US outlawed the Grandfather clause in Maryland and Oklahoma. Reached 90,00 members 1920s, 50,000 in 1930s. Tradegy of Elaine, Arkansas 1919, when two white officials were killed when black farmers demanded better pay, white mobs attacked black communities. The NAACPS got the numerous convited AAs from these riots freed through SC. Walter White, secretary had good relations with many politically influential whites.

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New Deal

Set of intitiatives and programmes led by Roosevelt in 1933, to try and stimulate economic growth and employment after the depression which followed the Wall Street Crash.

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Springfield Riot

Began when there was a violent attck on the black community after allegations of an attempted **** of a white woman by a black man. the police refused to hand over the accised man and some of the white residents took revenge by attacking and burning black homes and businesses. most blacks feld the city. 83 year old AA William Donnegan was lynched. He was married to the woman for 32 years.

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