Civil Rights Key Events

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March on Washington 1957

  • KEY TERMS-  BROWN 1954, Eisenhower's Civil Rights Bill 1957, crusade for citizenship
  • happened due to inactivity of BROWN, and was in support of Eisenhower's civil rights bill!
  • involved a crowd of 20,000 listening to three hours of speeches
  • consequently the crusade for citizenship was launched, aimed to get 2 million blacks registered to vote by next presidential election
  • caught the attention of the mass media, MLK on front cover of magasine, raising his profile
  • speech was a success, but crusade failed
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Greensboro Sit-ins, North Carolina 1960

  • first action of SNCC, they were inspired by MLK's speech for equality after Little Rock
  • the students were promised full SCLC support- high confidence, had a big student body committed to equality- 90% participation from A&T college
  • they had seen the same technique in Oklahoma 1957-8
  • 1st February, 4 students bought merchandise from the Woolworths department store and then sat in the sit-down diner- not allowed!
  • Clarence Harris, store manager, told blacks they couldn't be served as it was store policy
  • mass support- 70,000 students joined the sit - in movement... media coverage exposed level of persecution
  • showed economic power- 1/3 of profits decreased  during sit-ins
  • by the end of 1961, 810 towns and 150 cities had desegregated public places
  • 6 months later, black people were served at Woolworths
  • lead to other sit-ins- Nashville
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