Civil Rights 1968-2001

Civil rights 1968-2001:

(it's very brief)

  • New Right (anti-everything)
  • Feminism
  • Homosexuality
  • Racial
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New Right

  • Born again christian
  • Bush Disliked
  • Favoured Reagan Greatly (REAGONOMICS)
  • Anti-homosexual
  • Anti-feminist
  • Anti-abortion
  • Anti-communism
  • Opposed darwinism taught at schools
  • Against abolition of school prayer 
  • Anti- s e x education in schools
  • anti-busing (promotes race mixing)
  • anti-affirmitive action
  • Traditional famikly values (conservative)

Jerry Falwall (Reverant): Baptist minister 'Old Time Gospel Hour' broadcast on 225 TV stations & 300 radio stations each week. Moral Majority fihghting for their 'anti' beliefs (as listed above) Helped raise millions of $ for Reagan's campaign

  • Established religion, patriotism, anti-welfarism & smaller less interventionist government
  • 1978- 40% New Right
  • 1980-had 1,400 radio stations & 36 TV stations
  • Translated into political action (televisionised Jim & Tommy Faye Bakker) rousing sermons resonated dissaffected evangelicals

Phyliss Schafly 

Lawyer and Catholic mother. Against equal rigts ammendment and abortion, 50,000 people joiner hersaying it would sanction gay marraige, unisex toilets and women in combat, destroying the traditional family. 

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ERA died

Pro-abortion (continual ROE vs WADE argument) eventually Clinton re-legitimised clinics which Bush had banned

Felt traditional family values undermined women

Many students felt that they wanted to work rather than being housewives

Only paid 75% of men's earnings

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Don't ask don't tell within military (outrage all)

eventually got money for aids after alot of protests

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  • Athletes made thousands
  • Alli stripped of his heavy weight title 1967 as refused to fight in Vietnam ( as why fight for freedom if they do not really get it)
  • the 'Black Power Movement'' Two athletes stripped of their Olympic medals for showing the black power sign of fist in the air. Misunderstood. 
  • Affirmitive Action- Giving African Americans extra opportunity, ineducation & unemployment
  • Hispanics got on well with whites as hardworking & took low paid jobs no-one else wanted.
  • Chinese man murdered by men who mistakenly thought he was taking out a gun, it was his ID. Men jailed for 3 years

Scholarships for sports: 

By 1986 33% baseball & 63% football and 75% basketball

2/3 of black children on welfare roll by 18

Still underepresented (1975-1999 1 black sport maager)

Sterotype of stupid as most focused on sport not subjects

  • If black dated white. expulsion
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