Civil Law

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What is Civil Law?

Civil law is about private disputes between individuals and/or businesses. There are many different types of civil law, and they include:

  • Contract Law - This is where somebody believes that their contract that they signed has been breached, and decides to take it to court. 
  • Law of Tort - This is where somebody owes a legal responsibility to someone, if their is a breach of this responsibility then the person affected can can claim. 
  • Employment Law - Covers all aspects of employment.
  • Family Law - Covers all disputes that arise in family. 
  • Company Law - Deals with the rights and duties of share holders and directors. 
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When a civil dispute arises it is most likely that a person will use negotiation, as most people regard a court case as a last resort. 

In negotiation the most usual situation is where the person with a problem will go to the other party or write them a letter addressing them about the problem, and in most cases the accused will normally refund money, change goods, pay the debt or take some other desired action. 

But if the other party doesn't agree to give you what you are after, then you decide whether or not it is worth going to court. If you do decide to go to court, you then have to decide what court you are going to use; the high court or the county court. For cases £25,000 or less you will have to go to the County Court, but for cases over that, you have to go to the High Court. 

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