citizenship unit 3 exam

Types of pressure groups, factors in a successful campaign, case studies, the economy

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promotional/casual pressure group

Theses are the groups that what to for a particular cause, influence a policy or change public opinion.

The membership of theses groups are open to everyone who wants to join, but they try to gain popular suport to give strength in numbers to there campaign.

The majority of promotional groups campaign for environment and welfare issues: such as greenpeace, CND, oxfam.... 

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sectional/ interset groups

These groups represent a certain section of society for example a teacher trade union.

They exsist to further the interests of their members and to influence the general public - raising awareness.

All members usually stand to benefit from any actions taken by the group.

Examples include all trade unions such as the law society, the british mediacl association....

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Insider pressure groups

Theses are the groups that the governement(national and local) choose to consult on a regular basis because of their expert knowledge on specific issues.

They are independent groups and our usually sectional groups but not always.

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Being held to account 

Pressure groups may be called to jusitify their decisions and take responsiblity for their actions

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factors in a successful campaign

Finance, membership,the nature of the cause and methods used, status, media, public debate and policy information.

- without money a pressure group is unlikly to succeed

- the more members the more powerful

- if the nature of cause is an unpopular one or the methods used by groups are not approved of by the public then faliure is likely.

-if the group becomes a insider group then it will be more effective and influential         

- role of media vital

- all pressure groups will research and present reputable, reliable, up-to-date info to advocate their cause. if miss leading info was given out they would be found out and would lose support/credibility.

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The miners strike = 1984/5

National campaign - it was the last campaign of the national union of mineworkers (NUM). It had a major impact on industrial relationa in britain.

- NUM founded in 1945 - they had the power to call there own strikes.

- eventhough the strike of this year failed it was strongly supported because in 1984 the decision was made that striking miners and there families wouldnt get benefits which lead to poverty and hunger.

- they used flying pickets and pickets.

march ended in 1985 and the miners returned to work defeated by the government.

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