Citizenship Rights & Responsabilities Revision

This set of revision cards cover:

  • Human Rights and Law
  • Your Legal Rights at School, Home and Work
  • Consumer Rights
  • Animal Rights
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When did the United Nations publish the Human Rights Act?

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In 1948, the United Nations published the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The aim was to lay down minimum rights for every person, in every country of the World.

The declaration was signed by 48 member countries of the United Nations.

Despite making a difference in many parts of the world, there are still many countries that don't follow it. The UN has few powers to force countries to stick to the articles, and can't always do much about those who don't.

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What are some of the different rights included in the Human Rights act?

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Article 1 - All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Article 2 - Everyone is entitled to all the rights outlined.

Article 4 - Everyone has the right to freedom from slavery.

Article 11 - Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Article 19Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression.

Article 23 - Everyone has the right to work.

Article 26 - Everyone has the right to a free education.

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When did Parliament pass the The Human Rights Act, and what happend in Britain in 2000?

What does this do?

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Parliament passed the Human Rights Act in 1998, and it became the law in 2000 in Britain.

  • This act protects the human rights of British citizens under British Law.
  • It allows British judges and British courts to interpret the European convention.
  • The rights listed in the act are pretty similar to those in the convention.
  • The rights of the wider community are put before the rights of one individual.
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How are you treated fairly at home, under the Human Rights Act?

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  • Your parents or guardians are responsible for bringing you up. This includes feeding, clothing and housing you upto the age of 18.
  • They're also responsible for your moral and emotional development.
  • No one has the right to hurt you. Adults should protect you from violence, abuse or neglect.
  • You have the right to respect and encouragement.
  • In the UK, you also have the right to leave home at 16, without your parents permission.
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What rights and responsabilities do you have at school?

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  • You have the right to an education.
  • You have the right to not be put in danger on trips or in workshops.
  • You have the right to be protected from emotional or physical abuse.
  • You have the right to not be discriminated against because of race, sex or religion.
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What rights do you have at work?

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Fair Pay - The Human Rights act says that you have the right to fair pay for the work you do.

Discrimination - Most discrimination in the work place is illegal. It's illegal to pay men more than women because of their gender or to employ a white person instead of a black person just because of their skin colour. Not all discrimination is illegal, though - an employer is allowed to choose someone on the basis of their training and experience.

Safety - The health and safety at work act - 1974, outlines some of the duties that employers have to keep them safe at work.

Employee Responsability - Employees have to take responsibility too, to take care for the health and safety of themselves and anyone else involved.

Contracts - When you get a job you generally sign a contract. This lists your responsibilities of your employer. Having all agreed in writing this should help prevent you being treated unfairly.

Sick and Pay Holiday - In most jobs you should get sick pay if illness stops you working, you will also be allowed a fix amount of paid holiday. But if part time worker, your not always entitled to these.

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What are the Laws and Regulations about selling goods?

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  • You should be charged a fair price for what you buy.
  • Advertisers aren't allowed to lie to sell their products - adverts have to be accurate and describe the goods properly.
  • Everything you buy should be tested to make sure that it's safe.
  • You can take things back if it's of poor quality and breaks after five minutes.
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What organisations stop you getting 'ripped off'?

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These are there to enforce the law:

  • The Office of Fair Trading
  • The British Standards Institution
  • Local Authority Environmental Health Department
  • Local Authority Trading Standards Officers
  • Local Authority Consumer Protection Department

These places can advise you about consumer things:

  • The Citizens Advice Bureau
  • The Consumers' Association
  • The National Consumer Federation
  • The National Consumer Council
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How are Animal Rights a controversial Issue in the UK?

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In February 2005, the British Government banned fox - hunting. Here are some arguments for and against th ban:

The fox suffers disease and a violent death,  Hunting is an entertainment-killing for pleasure is sick,  Livestock can be protected from foxes in other ways-there's no need to kill them.

Fox populations need to be kept down to protect livestock,  Hunting with dogs is less cruel than trapping,  It's a countryside tradition,  If hunting were banned, the dogs used would have to be put down.

Some people care so much about the rights of anials, they seem to foget about the rights of humans.

Some animal rights groups out there, whose members do things like sending letter bombs and threatening people who work for animal research companies.

It's a difficult balancing act for governments. Laws are needed that respect different people's opinions and traditions yet address animal rights.

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