Citizenship (Rights and Responsibilities)

The rights and responsibilities

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Making Laws

If the government want to change or add a new law there are many steps that need to be taken;

First, a Bill must be presented to parliament. A Bill is a 'Rough draft of a law'.

Secondly, 'The First Reading' this is when the title of the bill is read out in the house of commons and a date set for the second reading.

Next, the house of commons debate on the general principles of the bill and vote, this is the first time the bill can be 'thrown out'.

Then, if it gets to this stage the bill is read in detail by a group of 16-50 MPs they will change parts of the bill, it's called the 'Committee stage'.

The Report Stage and Third Reading, the committee reports back to the house of commons on the changes made to the law, it is read out and they debate and vote.

If the house of commons were in favour the process starts all over again in the house of lords.

The lords can only keep the bill for up to a year after that the house of commons can use the parliment act to override the house of lords. However the bill will only become a law when both the house of commons and the house of lords agree on the exact wording of the bill.

Once both houses agree on the bill it is sent for royal assent. ( This no longer has anything to do with the queen or any royalty ). An announcement is then made and on a set date it will become law.

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Rights at different ages

There are many Rights you are given since the word go however some you get at a certain age:

14-you can work part time and buy a soft drink in a bar.
16- you can buy lottery tickets, have sex, get married with your parents permission and leave school ( after GCSE )
17-drive a car
18-buy cigarettes, alcohol and drink in public bars, vote, make a will, leave home without parental consent, get married without permission, buy a house, get a mortgage, go into a casino, buy fireworks, stand for parliament as an MP
21-adopt a child, stand for a member of European parliament

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