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These revision cards outline some of the main points you need to know for your citizenship exam

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Multicultural means a range of communities living together in harmony with different ethnicities and culture, however they all share a common identitiy, for example British citizen. All cultures are shared and respected

Multiculturalism is a states intention to recognise, celebrate and mantain the different cultures or cultural identities within that society.

Ethnic Group means people of the same race or nationality who share a distinctive culture

Social Class means people having the same social, economic, or educational status

Immigration means the migration of a person to a different country due to them being faced with danger or other issues in their own country

Ethical means relating to a set of values including comparison, fairness, honesty, respect and responsibility. ( knowing between right and wrong)

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Keywords Continued And Reasons for why people come

a refugee is a person who seeks asylum and protection by fleeing from their own country to another

Assimilation is when you are the same person but adapted to the British way

Community Cohesion is the action of bringing everyone together and uniting them regardless of their differences, community cohesion creates tolerance amongst society

Why do people come to Britain?

  • Working purposes (Labour Migrants)
  • To visit family
  • Tourism
  • Escape procescution- Refugee's
  • Asylum seeking (escape political problems)
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For Immigration

Attitudes Towards Immigration


Liberty- they believe in human rights (article 14) allows every human in the world to enjoy and seek asylum

part of the EU (european union) everyone is able to travel reely to other countries

Immigration provides benefits such as briniging new fashion ideas, foods and more, without immigration some industries will be out of ideas

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Against immigration


People are scared of Job losses due to the increase in immigration

EDL view: they see muslims from another country as terrorist

some people are scared of becoming a minority in their own country, treated like a second class citizen in their own country.

BNP view: they fear of an educated minority group, it gives them the opportunity to excel

BNP want to deport anyone that is illegaly living in the country (not working, not studying)

Media portrays immigration negatively therefore resulting in people being planted with negative views on immigration

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Economic Migrants

What is an economic migrant?

economic migrants are people who leave their country or origin in order to improve their quality of life

How do the come to the UK?

  • They come under false pretence
  • They come illegally ( through other methods of transport, eg, trucks used for importing food)
  • They can arrive as a genuine economic migrant

Why do economic migrants choose to settle in the UK?

10% of the world benefits from coming in the UK. the wages here are three times what they will receive in any other country

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Why asylum seekers choose to settle in the UK

Some of the worlds asylum seekers choose to settle in the UK for a number of reasons. Here are some reasons why:

  • UK is democratic
  • Free welfare system, eg. free health service, education etc
  • It is a safe and well protected place
  • it is a rich country
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