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Acts of Parliament: Laws passed by parliament. aka statute law.

Additional Member System: type of proportional representation used in the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly.

Agenda 21: Requires governments and local authorities to develop policies to help achieve sustainable development. It focuses especially on involving local people.

Asylum-seeker: refugee seeking permission to settle in host country.

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more keywords

House of Commons: The part of Parliament which is made up of elected MPs.

European Commission The EU institution which writes new economic, environmental, social and foreign policy

Parliament The body which makes laws in the UK. It has 3 parts -the House of Commons, the House of Lords and the Crown.

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even more useful keywords

NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) a mutual defence alliance including Britain, the US, France and Germany. It views an attack on one member as “an attack on the entire alliance”.

Press Complaints Commission: Manages the voluntary code of conduct which governs the media.

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