Citizenship 3A EU/UK Government Action


EU Action

European Action 

The EU has set more ambitious carbon emissions reduction targets than the pervious conventins, 

  • Aiming to cut emisssions by 20% from the 1990 levels by 2020
  • They also wish to increase renenewable energy 20% of total energy supply 
  • The UK will be fned if they fail to meet these targets 

UK Action

The 2008 UK Climate Change Act 

  • Legally bining targets were set for lowering carbon emissions for the first time
  • Aims to reduce 80% of greenhouse gas emisions by 2050 and atleast 34% by 2020
  • Both targets are against 1990 levels 


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UK Government Action

What else were Labour doing when they were in power?

  • they worked with energy suppliers to help people make their homes more energy efficient 
  • persuaded energy suppliers to provide for more electricity from renewable sources 
  • provided grants that encourage people and companies to generate their own heat and power from renewable sources 
  • raising tax on dumping to landfill sites, encouraging recycling as it is more financially beneficial 
  • setting targets for the amount of carbon dioxide businesses can emit. Busineses are given "carbon credits" and are allowed to trade them with other businesses. 

What are local councils doing?

  • Labour made local councils responsible for reducing carbon emissions by reducing landfill waste and issuing businesses with pollution permits 
  • The coalition government has scrapped this, and due to budget cuts, many councils have less means to reduce carbon dioxide emissions 
  • councils can do alot to contribute to a decrease in carbon emissions, such as: providing free lost insulation (to reduce heating needs), ensuring new buildings are energy efficient and using greener fuel for public transport. 
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