Circulatory system- The heart

Basic shortened facts about the heart

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The heart

  • Heart(organ) made from muscular tissue
  • contracts to pump blood through circulatory systems
  • double pump (two separate circuits- one to lungs other to organs and cells)
  1. Blood enter atria
  2. atria contract force blood into ventricles
  3. ventricles contract force blood out of heart 
  4. Valves (one direction)
  • Arteries from veins to (pulminary carries deoxygenated blood from heart)
  • blood is pumped from left ventricle through aorta
  • returns through vena carva(

  Key words:

  • right atrium and left atrium
  • right and left ventricle
  • pulminary artery and vein (artery carries deoxygenated blood and vein carries oxygenated)
  • Aorta (out to organs)
  • vena carva( returns)
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