Circulatory Causes:

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Coronary Heart Disease Causes:

  • Smoke
  • Have high blood pressure
  • Have high blood cholestorol level
  • Don't take regular excersise
  • Have diabetes
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Cardiac Arrest Causes:

  • Heart and circulatory disease
  • Extreme blood or fluid loss
  • Extreme body temperature
  • Blood potassum levels that are extreme
  • A lack of oxygen
  • A punctured lung
  • Blood clots in the lung or coronary arteries
  • Poisoning
  • A collection of blood around the heart
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Stroke Causes:

•Blood clot forms in main artery to the brain

•A blood clot/air bubble/fat globule forms in a blood vessel and is carried to the brain

•Blockage in the tiny blood vessels inside the brain

•Blood vessel bursts inside the brain

•Blood vessel on the surface of the brain bleeding into the area between the brain and the skull.

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