Christology Quotes

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Nestorius 1

"A creature did not produce Him who is uncreatable"

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Nestorius 2

"A temple in which He dwelt"

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Nestorius 3

" A nature, having been put on by Christ like a garment, intervenes on our behalf"

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Nestorius 4

"I honour Him as a meeting place of God's counsels"

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Nestorius 5

"I do not divide the honour of that which is not divided. I divide the natures, but I unite the worship"

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Nestorius 6

"That which was formed in the womb is not in itself God"

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Cyril 1

"He is also said to have been begotten from a women according to the flesh"

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Cyril 2

"This does not mean that his divine nature recieved the beginning of its existence in the holy virgin"

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Cyril 3

"He both suffered and rose again"

"because the Impassible One was in the suffering body"

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Cyril 4

"He came forth as man from a woman"

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Cyril 5

"the Word was hypostatically united to that holy body which was born from her, endowed with a rational soul"

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Chalcedon 1

"who shamelessly pretend that he who was born of the Holy Virgin Mary was a mere man"

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Chalcedon 2

"for our salvation born of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God according to his manhood"

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Chalcedon 3

"confessed to be in two natures, unconfusedly, immutably, indivisibly, inseperably united"

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