Christmas Carol Themes

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1) Dicken's uses memories to empahsise Scrooge's egotistical nature.

2) Memories have a haunting effect on Scrooge, in some ways more terrifying than the actual ghost.

3) Dicken's focus on memories encourages the reader to engage emotionally and meaningfully with the characters and ideas.

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1) Dicken's seems to focus on a very sympathetic depiction of rhe poor lower classes.

2) The whole novel can be seen as Dicken's warning to society that they need to take more responsibilty.

3) Throughout the novel Dicken's depicts a weakened society materially and spritually.

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1) Dicken's presents compassion as a broken ideal through the portrayal of Scrooge's character and his recation to the ghosts that visit him.

2) Dicken's presents compassion as almost a vengeful force and warns those that try to destroy it will suffer.

2) Dicken's uses it to present the harsh reality of uncompassionate world through the plight of Tiny Tim.

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1) Dicken's presents redemption as something which is never too late to take place.

2) Also presented as something which is an inner body experience to be achieved.

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