Christmas Carol Characters

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Tiny Tim

1) Dicken's cleverly uses Tiny Tim as a symbol of suffering, the fact that he is a child ensures the the reader sympathises with him regardless of his class.

2) Tiny Tim is the only real source of happiness for the Cratchit family.

3) Tiny Tim seems to embody many Christian ideas and is linked to Dicken's ideas of how Christmas is and how it should be celebrated.

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The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

1) The ghost's appearance is a lot less ambigious than the others and readers are more likely to recognise obvious references to death.

2) Scrooge's response to this ghost is almost immeadiate, as he is almost crippled by fear.

3) Dicken's portrayal of the ghost reflects a very different atmosphere than the other staves.

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Ghost of Christmas Past

1) Dicken's uses the ghost to show us that Scrooge is infact a product of his own environment.

2) The Ghost Of Christmas Past is the first to make an impact and shows Scrooge's scene's in his life, each getting worse until Scrooge cannot face what he has lost.

3) Being faced with his past being shown by the ghost Scrooge is forced to re think how he behaved with the same people in his current life.

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Ghost of Christmas Present

1) Dicken's uses this ghost to bring Scrooge face to face with the reality of the world and situation around him.

2) Dicken's also uses the ghost to show society what he feels are the real ways that Christmas should be spent.

3) The Ghost is also used to show society what it is doing wrong through the characters/symbols of Ignorance and Want.

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Bob Cratchit and Family

1) Dicken's uses them to show the plight of London's poor and how they were treated in Victorian England.

2) Though he is treated harshly, he is  still a kind, humble, family man.

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