Christians Veiws and attitudes

Christians veiws and attitudes

Chrisitan veiws and attitudes - Crime & punishment

Christian attidues to crime

All christians see law and order is important.

following laws and orders is and important thing to do as god is seen as putting rules and people who make them into place.

Believe criminals should be punished and it is important to prevent the crime occuring in the first place

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Chrisitan attitudes and veiws - World poverty

Christian teaching on poverty

You need to 'love your neighbour as yourself' - Matthew

Follow teachings like 'the good samaritan' which shows that you should help people in need.

If all you do is is get money and save then you cannot get close to god.

So christians would give some if this money away to charity in order to help the poor.

Christians want to show that they belive in justice, stewardship and compassion and are loving.

Christians want to help because jesus helped others and examples to support this are the 'good samaritan'

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Chrisitan attitudes and veiws on poverty in britai

Chrisitian attitudes to the poor

Wealth equality is not possible however, equality in other ways is important. People should be treated the same regardless of money etc

All people should be treated with equal love & care

Jesus taught material riches cannot be taken to heaven with you therefore other characteristics need to be worked on.

People should not be greedy - 'no one can serve two maters...God & money'

Christians expect the rich to help people around them

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Christians veiws and attitudes to drug abuse.

Rastafarians - Christians would agree as they think that canabis is natural and god made plants for humans to use

Others - Cannabis is harmful to your body so you shouldnt do it.

christians veiws on illegal drugs

Teach against the use of illegal drugs.

Drugs do harm to an individual and families

They should show compassion and love to addicts.

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Christians veiws and attitudes to matters of life

Genetic engineering


Others in favour of it because it helps people live for longer

It makes ill people have a better quality of life

God has given people the knowlege & skills to help in this way so they should


Many are against it because it makes life seem less important as its no longer controlled by God.    Scientists now take the role of god which is unfair               

 Some even say its like muder - 'You shall not muder'

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Christians veiws and attitudes to matters of death


Chrisitans believe you should love and support the elderly and also be respected.

Encourage the elderly to be independant but if not possible the best thing for them should be decided.

'honour you father and your mother'  - do what is right for them.


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Matters of death - 2 cont.

Death & where people go when they die

For christians death is not a disaster but a new beginning.

All chrisitans believe in life after death.

They believe jesus overcame death and was resurrected (brought back to life)

Jesus prepared a place for them in heaven.

Most christians believe the choices we make in life 9good or bad) affect what happens to us when we die.

People who have lived good lives - go to heaven (place of love & peace)

People who lived bad lives - go to hell (place of loneliness and torment)

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Matters of life - cont.

Importance of life

Life is important and valuable as it is god-given.

Some Christians (catholics) think life begins at the moment the sperm and egg meet therefore Genetic Engineering and Fertility treatments are wrong as they are seen as murder - 'thou shall not murder'

Other christians (Protestants) think its later in the embryos development eg when the foetus (unborn baby) can survive/live outside the womb therefore it is not murder but actually helping people - 'Love thy neighbour'

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Crime & punish - Cont.

Christian veiws about punishments

Prison reform - is important

They visit prisons and help prisoners by giving advice

Law should be uphelp and followed and if not - they should be punished.

Forgiveness is really important and whenever possible they (criminals) should be given a second chance.

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poverty in britain 3 - cont

Chrisitian veiws on being responcible with money

All people should use wealth sensibly.

'Love you neighbour as yourself'

Christians follow jesus' teaching to help the poor which means that they will be rewarded in heaven.

Wealth is a gift from god and so should be used to help the poor.

Some belive it is a calling from god to help others and do everything they can to help as everyone is equal.

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Drug abuse cont.

Christian veiws on alchohol and nicotine

Some - its okay to drink and smoke within reason

Some christian services use wine.

Others (methodists) - Alchohol damages your body and smoking harms the body god gave you

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Poverty in britain - 2 cont.

Christian veiws on lottery

Some - It is okay to gamble but as long as its not all the time

'do not wear yourself out to get rich; have wisdom and show restraint'

Others (methodists) - Gambling equals laziness and greed.

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Matters of death Cont.


Most christians against it because of their belief in the sanctity of life (life is special- god given) they place all their trust in God to ease suffering and take life when he is ready.

Some - Do not think that a loving God would want people to suffer and that intelligence and free will he gave to humans will mean we can decide ourselves what is best for a person suffering.

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