Christians Moral Decision Making Religion and Society GCSE

Positives and Negatives of various ways christians may choose to make moral decisions. Part of religion and society edexcel gcse

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clearly set down in writing

inspired by God


large book, sometimes too complicated to understand

May not find an example of paticular moral problem

Written hundreds of years ago, perhaps too outdated to use in today's society?

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many centuries of experience & tradition drawn on, keeps Christians united

some people prefer to seek help from professional clergy

clear guidance given, you don't need to worry about making mistakes


some people may not be able to access clergy easily

you may disagree with church's ruling

no flexibility

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we all have a conscience

there's a universal agreement on what is right and wrong

it's easy to consult


some people's conscience leads them astray, e.g Peter Sutcliffe, Yorkshire Ripper

some issues too complicated to be sure about what yur conscience is saying

helpful to have outside help

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Situation Ethics


simple to apply

takes into account all aspects of a situation

follows Jesus' teachings


people may disagree on what is the most loving thing

some moral dilemnas too complicated to solve this way

can be time consuming to weigh everything up when time is of the essence

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Which method?

Just 1 Method:

Some Christians decide upon one authority that they use to make all moral decisions. The authority they choose they feel gives clear, reliable guidance they think is right. It removes the worry and responsibility about what to do.

Various Methods:

Moral dilemnas are often complicated and require different approaches. They're not regarded as weaknesses because all authorities rely on God for their ultimate authority. They are merely seeking God's guidance in form that's most accessible at that moment.

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