Christianity and Islam views on infertility treatments

Revision on the attitudes of Christianity and Islam to infertility treatments such as IVF and AIH.

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Christianity and Infertility Treatments

Roman Catholics disagree with infertility treatment as it involves fertilisation without the act of sex which God intended.

Additionally, IVF involves embryo's being thrown away which contradicts "Do Not Murder" - Exodus


Other Christians agree because both of the parents wanting to concieve use their gametes. We should take advantage of current technology and God wanted us to pro-create anyway.

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Islam and Infertility Treatments

The majority of Muslims are against infertility treatments because.. in the Qu'ran:

"He bestows children...according to His will...and He leaves barren whom He wills." - Surah implies that God decides who will and will not have children which also supports "Insha'allah"

All other embryo technology is forbidden by Muslim lawyers.


Infertility treatment is allowed if it is in a committed loving marriage.

Muslims allow artificial insemination using the husband's sperm.

Some people believe that the discarded embryo's can't feel emotions so it is ok to dispose them.

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