Christian marriage

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  • NUCLEAR: husband and wife with children
  • EXTENDED: a biological related group
  • COMPOUND: people living in one house
  • "listen to your father; without him you would not exist" - proverbs 23:22
  • "respect your father and your mother" - exodus 20:12
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  • RITE: a set pattern of words and actions
  • VOWS: solemn promises that are made with God and people as witnesses
    1. Marriage must be freely chosen
    2. The bride and groom must be free to marry
    3. The marriage should be open to the possibility of having children
    4. The bride and groom should have a responsible attitude to marriage and understand that it is a sacrament
  • HELPS: Heterosexual, Exclusive, Life- giving, Permanent, Sacrament
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Marriage vows

1. FOR BETTER, FOR WORSE: each promises the other that even if someone who seems more attractive, they will still be faithful
2. FOR RICHER, FOR POORER: each promises that they will not desert the other if someone richer turns up
3. IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH: should illness or accident leave one partner helpless at any stage in life the other is committed to caring for them
4. TO LOVE AND TO CHERISH: to cherish means to go out of your way to let your partner feel really special
5. TILL DEATH DO US PART: these vows look well beyond the wedding day. The commitment should be lifelong

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Marriage preparation

  • think through why they want to get married
  • consider what Christian marriage includes (HELPS)
  • consider if they are prepared to stay together in good times and times of hardship and illness
  • talk through any concerns or reservations that they might have
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Marriage breakdown


  • 27% infidelity
  • 17% emotional or physical abuse
  • 12% addictions


  • offers professional counselling service throughout the island of Ireland
  • they accept and value clients irrespective of their religious or ethical background
  • counselling is based on clients needs and not on their ability to pay
  • other services include domestic violence counselling, marital sexual therapy and a fertility and well being service
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Divorce and annulment

  • DIVORCE: the legal dissolving of a marriage so that parners are free to marry someone else
  • ANNULMENT: where the Catholic church say that a valid marriage never existed
  • the Catholic church does not recognise or accept divorce or second marriages
  • an annulment can be granted if: one or both were forced to marry, one of them never intended to have a child, the marriage was not consummated
  • a declarations of nullity within a catholic church is a declaration that a given marriage lacked one of the essential elements from the beginning and was therefore not a sacramental marriage
  • divorce can be granted on the grounds of adultery, cruelty, desertion for more than 2 years by either of the couple
  • Jesus stated in Matthew 5:27-32 that divorce is wrong except in cases of adultery
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Stages of marriage

  • WELCOME AND PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE: the Priest welcomes all those who have come to the church wedding
  • THE LITURGY OF THE WORD: readings from the bible and the Priest speaks for a short while
  • QUESTIONS: the Priest asks questions of the couple before they marry
  • CONSENT/ EXCHANGE OF VOWS: the Priest asked the couple if they promise to be true to one another in good and bad times
  • EXCHANGE OF THE RINGS: 'take this ring as a sign of my love and fidelity'
  • PRAYERS AND NUPTIAL BLESSING: prayers are said and a blessing is given
  • COMMUNION: the Eucharist is recieved
  • SIGNING OF THE REGISTER: the marriage is recognised as legal
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Sex out of marriage

  • PROMISCUITY: having sex with a number of partners without any commitment
  • PRE- MARITAL SEX: sex before marriage
  • ADULTERY: a sexual act between a married person and someone other than their married partner
  • PRO- CREATION: making new life, having children
  • FAITHFULLNESS- staying with your married partner and having sex with just them


  • weddings can be invented
  • sex is an expression of love which should be given freely
  • having many partners in a life time shows temporary commitment
  • temporary love


  • promotes the message of purity and abstinence until marriage
  • more than 200,000 students have received the rings
  • "the two become one body" - 1 Corinthians 6:16
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Adoption and fostering

  • ADOPTION: taking on all legal rights and responsibilities for the child in a life long commitment- always long term
  • FOSTERING: looking after someone else's child in your own home for a period of time- long or short term
  • upon granting an adoption, the child's natural parents have no rights or responsibilities towards the child
  • "God sets the lonely in families" - Psalm 68:6


  • committed to the child
  • flexible, patient and open minded
  • willing to work with other people involved in the child's life


  • helps people who want to foster, are fostering or are adopted
  • gives valuable and helpful intonation about fostering and adoption
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