Christian marriage


The rite of marriage

  • Welcome and purpose of marriage: people who come are witnesses and have a duty to support the couple, marriage is a God-involving sacrament and is lifelong
  • The Liturgy of the Word: sacrament of christian marriage, dignity of wedded love, grade of sacrament and responsibilites of married people are highlighted
  • Questions: ensure couple have undertaken marriage freely will leave open to children and love eachother forever.
  • Consent of exchange of vows: loving lifelong supporting faithful
  • Exchange of rings: 'sign of my love and my fidelity.'
  • Prayers and nuptial blessing: God's blessing on marriage, unite couple, companions to another, children and happy old age.
  • Communion
  • Signing of the register

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Welcome liturgy questions vows rings prayers communion register

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RC Teaching on Divorce

  • Christian marriage only ended death 'what god joined man cannot separate.' annulment only way out and can be declared if:
  • did not fully understand marriage vows forced into making them
  • did not consummate the marriage have sexual intercourse
  • one of the partners lied about having children
  • nullity means that the marriage did not happen and was invalid

How christians put their belief about marriage into practice:

  • marriage care guidance to help couples stay together
  • relate non Christian but operates in a similar way to marriage care

Against divorce

  • 'God joined together man cannot separate' Mark
  • 'Whoever divorces wife marries another adultery.' Mark
  • 'A wife not separate from husband she vows she must reamin unmarried or else be reconciled to the husband. Same way around for husband.' Corinthians
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RC Teaching on Divorce

  • 'Anyone who divorces his wife except for marital unfaithfulness causes her to become an adulteress and anyone who marries the divorced woman commits adultery.'  Matthew- this can be interpreted in different ways

RC Church teaches:

  • 'Thus the marriage bond has been established by God himself in such a way that a marriage concluded and consummated between baptised persons can never be dissolved.' Catechism of catholic church 
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Beliefs and teachings on family

  • 'Children, obey your parents- for this is right. Honor your father your mother with a promise that you may enjoy long life on Earth. Fathers, do not exasperate your children bring them up in the training and correction of the Lord.' Ephesians
  • 'Thus the home is the first school of Christian life.' Catechism
  • 'Parents regard children of God respect as human persons. Child not owned to one but gift. Supreme gift of marriage is a human person. Child not considered property.' Catechism


Nuclear family: husband and wife living in home with children of marriage

Extended family: wider group includes aunts uncles grandparents

Reconstituted family parents marry again after divorce or death

Family responsible for education, atmosphere, social virtues, heart of family

Adoption= all legal parent rights. Lifelong commitment

Fostering= Looking after someone else's child. Sometime work to reunite birth family

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Sexual relationships outside marriage

  • Catholics see sexuality as one of God's most precious gifts to us; we should respect our bodies because it is the temple of the Holy Spirit (Corinthians)
  • Chastity is viewed as a gift from God and all baptized Christians are called to practice chastity as it is something celebrated in the control of *** instinct

Sex before marriage is wrong because:

  • against teachings in bible carries risk of pregnancy
  • contraception is used goes against teachings
  • cheapens and trivializes something precious
  • encourages lust and exploitation rather than love and commitment

Non christian views:

  • sex is casual exploration of hormonal responses
  • be faithful to person who you are with now serial monogamy and divorce is common
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