Christian beliefs - Sexual Relations

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Most Christians believe

Sex should only take pace between one male and one female

-- God created Adam and Eve for eachother

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sex must take place within marriage

1) intended by God since beginning of Creation

2) Lust - safely expressed in marriage

Any other ways are sinful e.g **********, adultery

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= extra-marital sex - is specifically forbidden:

- 1 od 10 commandments 'Thou shalt not commit adultery.'

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Pre-marital sex/Promiscuity


-Main purpose of sex: reproduce

Only take place within marriage - stable family

-- Sex is a sacred gift from God - repspected not abused

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Most Christians believe in Celibacy

- Monks, Nuns and Priests takes vows of Celibacy

devote themselves completely to God and Christian community

Spiritually married to God

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