Christian Beliefs On Embryo Research.

All About What Christians Think On Embryo Research.

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The Facts About Embryo Research.

Embryo research involves the study and use of human embryos in order to find ways of preventing or curing illnesses and disabilities, such as Parkinson's disease and Motor Neurone Disease.

Human tissue from embryos can be implanted into living patients to slow down serious diseases of the nervous system. The embryo tissue usually comes from abortions.

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What Christians Think.

Some christians think embryo research is acceptable, because it means some good can come out of an abortion, even if the abortion itself was not a good action. The human tissue used to treat illnesses of the nervous system often works very well, much better than ordinary drugs. They say that Jesus was a healer, and that embryo research can be a good way of bringing healing or preventing illness.

Others think it is wrong to use human tissue in this way, because it is treating human life as "A means to an end", rather than as valuable in its own right. The embryo cannot consent to being used in this way.

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