Christian attitudes to Marriage & Sexuality

How attitudes to sex, relationships and marriage have changed over time.

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The Main changes to attitudes

Before the 1960's:

  • Most people did not have sex until after marriage
  • People did not Cohabit (live together before marriage)
  • Homosexuality was illegal (people could be put in jail for homosexual sex)
  • Divorce was very controversial and left women with nothing as men were seen to own their property once married

The main changes in today's society:

  • Pre marital sex is accepted
  • Cohabitiation is accepted
  • Many people have children before being married
  • Less weddings take place in church (so less people follow religious teachings about sex)
  • More marriages end in divorce
  • Extended family help look after childen
  • Homosexuality became legal in 1967 (2004 civil partnerships introduced)
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Reasons for changing attitudes to Cohabitation and

  • Contraception readily available so less chance of unwanted pregnancies
  • Religion has less influcence on people's lives, so less people follow the Churche's teachings on sex/marriage
  • The Media shows many celebrities having children without being married or engaging in pre marital sex, so the public think it is more acceptable in society
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Reasons for changing attitudes to divorce

  • The law was changed in 1969 to make divorce easier for everyday people
  • Women expect equality within marriage
  • Women are no longer financially dependent on husbands, many women choose carreer before children
  • People live longer so marriages which may have ended earlier due to one partner dying are now lasting much longer
  • People do not want to stay in an unhappy marriage
  • Less religious influence
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Reasons for change to family life

  • Many more people Cohabiting, so more children born to unmarried parents
  • Easier divorce means more single parents
  • Increased divorce has also lead to more reconstituted families
  • Working mothers means extended family are often looking after children
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Reasons for change in attitudes to Homosexuality

  • Law changed so people could be openly homosexual
  • About 5% of people identify as being homosexual
  • Many celebrities are openly Homosexual, leading other people to view it as more acceptable
  • Many groups (like Stonewall) campaign for Homosexual rights and positive attitudes
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