Christian practices

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Sacrements- sign of inward spiritual grace

  • Baptism: Water and Trinitarian formula, recieving the Holy Spirit, removal of original sin, entry into the kingdom of heaven.
  • Euchrist: Bread and Wine, spiritual feeding with the body and the blood of Jesus.
  • Confirmation: Laying of hands by the bishop, becoming an adult member of the church.
  • Reconsulition: Words of absolution the forgivness of sin.
  • Anointing of the Side: Anointing and the laying of hands, spiritual and sometimes physical healing preparation for death.
  • Holy Orders: Laying of hands by the bisohop, special gifts of the holy spirit needed by a deacon or priest.
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beleivers baptism

Believers Baptism

usually the minister talks about the importance of baptism and asks if the condidates are willing to change their lives, "In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit". The person must be old enough to have to come to the mature decision about their faith. The baptism involves a full immersion in a pool, which symbolises cleansing from sin and rising up to a new life with christ. The candidates are asked if they are willing to change their lives. Each person may read a bible passage and give a brief testimony of their faith in christ. 

  • Jesus was adult when he was baptised
  • children have no sins to remove
  • Actually understand what is happening so they know what they are promising
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infant baptism

Infant Baptism

Infant baptism removes original sin (For catholics and orthodox christians). The parents are able to thank God for theor new baby. Symbols are used to draw a cross on the babies forehead, anointing them with oil and dressing the child in white and giving the parents a lit candle. 

Gifts of Holy Spirit allow child to grow up strong in Gods love

Child can recieve oother sacrements

removes original sin and purifies God

If child dies parents know it is with God - brings comfort

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Eucharist in roman catholic church

Roman Catholics

Eucharist is the main act of "Divine Worship", it is described as "the source and summit of the Christian life". . Some Catholic Churches use names such as "Divine Liturgy", "Holy Quarbana" and "Badarak". They believe that Jesus was the creator of the mass at his last supper

'This is my body which is given for you, do this in rememberance of me', 'this is my blood, do this in rememberance of me'- sign of covenant between God and believers, established by Jesus' death

They see it as the perfect opportunity to show adoration of God. Transubstantiation is also a Catholic Belief, in which when the blood and body of Christ physically become the bread and wine- putting Christ into their life

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Eucharist in methodist church

The Methodist Church

 This is a slightly modified version which may be used at all times when a district wishes to hold a celebration of Holy Communion, such as at a representative session of synod.

The United Methodist Church, children are welcome to receive communion, the book of worship explains, "All who intent to lead a christian life, together with their children, are invited to receive the bread and cup". 

The loaf should be plain bread, leavened or unleavened bread is equally acceptable.The loaf is broken at the table is to be distributed to the people, as appropriate to the dignity of the occasion, care should be taken to avoid excessive crumbling of the bread and to remove large pieces that fall to the floor. 

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pilgrimage importance

Why do people go on pilgramges?

  • Strengthen their beliefs
  • So the believer can go on a physical journey
  • Go on a religious journey
  • Shows respect to their religion
  • Thanking God
  • To understand about more their religion
  • Pray for something special
  • Act of Worship
  • To show devotion
  • Attribution to God
  • Gain inspiration
  • Places of worship are usually linked to an important figure or religious event, such as healings.
  • Looking for a cure.
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In South France, dedicated to The Virgin Mary, people claim to have had visions of her there. People also claim to have been healed in the water, with 69 recorded healings that have been detained miracles. 


Bernadette saw Virgin Mary and she told her to bathe her dislocated arm in the water and it was healed

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The "Cradle of Christianity". An Irish Monk settled down there, he had a close relationship with The King as an advisor, he travelled to neighbouring countries. The Rulers sons were educated in his monastries, illuminated manuscript of the gospels were produced here

Long history 

people go to renew faith 

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