Christian Healing

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Sacrament of the Sick

  • sprinkling of holy water- reminder of baptism and that they are called to follow christ
  • the liturgy of the word- show the healing power of Jesus to remind the sick person of his power
  • laying on of hands- symbolises: the giving of strength, the gift of the holy spirit thet brings power to face suffering and death, the touch of healing
  • annointing with oil- symbolises God's blessing, healing and comfort
  • liturgy of the euchasist (optional)- brings the person into close contact with Christ and offers strength andf healing 

PURPOSE- to recognise death and suffering and offer a way of facing that great challenge

Jesus' disciples were sent out to anooint the sick

EFFECTS- brings the power and love of HS, offers spiritual strength, guidance, peace and courage. Offers forgiveness of sins, may bring about restoration of physical health and can lead to spiritual healing. Helps the person to overcome the fear of death

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Sickness, healing and Viaticum

Church teaches

  • christ is healer of our soul and body
  • the compassion of Jrsus for the sick all points to the coming Kingdom of God and victory over sin, suffering and death
  • christians have a duty to care for those who are sick or weakend by old age
  • they should follow example of Jesus
  • by visiting the sick, praying and asking God to take care of them, show love to the sick, celebrate the sacraments with them and bring the comfort through the sacrament of the Eucharist

VIATICUM-is the holy communion given to a person who is close to death. Is intended to give the person comfort by remembering that Jesus' suffering and death was followed by his resurrection. Gives us hope fot life with God after death. 

A dying person may feel close to the risen christ at this time as they are suffering as Jesus suffered

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  • Infertility is an illness that can cause depression. Those suffering should receive treatment just like for any illness
  • all couples should have the right to try for children and for some, IVF is the only way


  • can lead to destruction of new life- frozen embyros which are stored but not used are usually destroyed. Also several embroys may be implanted to increase chance of sucessful pregnancy but this can lead to multiple births where the couple may choose to remove some of them. THIS IS ABORTION
  • goes aganist belief that sex should be a unifying act between only the couple
  • brings others into the process e.g. doctors, donors, surrogate mothers- challenges the exclusivness of the marriage
  • encourages the idea that it is a right to have children not a gift
  • costs about £2000 and only 15% of attempts are sucessful
  • church encourages adoption
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  • the person may not want their family to see them suffering
  • if the person is suffering terribly, the qaulity of life would be very poor
  • animal's lives are ended when their suffering is to great... why not for humans?
  • should have right to choose


  • plays God
  • ederly could be pressured into that option
  • life is sacred, should not be taken... goes against commandment "thou shall not kill"
  • there are alternative such as hospices that care for the terminally ill 
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