Chopping boards, stages of cleaning and the environmental health officer

This revision card is about the different coloured chopping boards, the stages of cleaning, what a kitchen work place should be like and there is also information about the environmental health officer aswell.

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Different Coloured Chopping Boards

Different colour chopping boards are used to prevent cross contamination

  • Green- fruit and vegetables
  • Yellow- cooked meats
  • Red- Raw Meats
  • Blue- Raw Fish
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Stages of Cleaning

1) Remove food and particles. Mop up any spillages with a damp cloth.

2) Use detergent and hot water to remove grease, soiling and stains

3) Rinse the surface with hot water- remove any detergents

4) Sanitizer and hot water- leave to remove bacteria

5) Rinse with very hot water and let the surface dry naturally

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What a kitchen work place should be like

In a kitchen a work place should be:

  • Strong and long lasting
  • Non-absorbant
  • Stain resistant
  • clean and easy to clean anyway
  • stainless steel worktops are the best ones to use
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Environmental Health Officer

Environmental Health Officer

  • Issues advice and guidance
  • issues an improvement notice
  • can enter a ppremises at any time, generally within their working hours
  • has the power to close the premises down and can also fine a person
  • a person who is emploued to go to any food premises which prepares, serves and cooks the food. they also ensure that they are following safe, hygienic and healthy practices
  • checks the fridge temperature 3 times a day below 8 degrees.
  • freezer between -18 degrees and -22 degrees
  • checks that the equipment is being used properly and that it is clean and hygienic so there are no infections
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