Chopin Section B answers

Chopin Section B answers

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  • Elegant Cantabile Melody Lines (Singable)
  • Periodic Phrases
  • Falling motif in Section A
  • Melody in the RH Section A
  • Use of Ornaments in the Melody (Section A)
  • Section B melody starts in the LH then moves to the RH
  • Use of Rubato
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  • Vary from pp to ff
  • Many uses of Crescendos and Diminuendos
  • Piece starts Softly with Section A Soft throughout
  • Section B starts Quietly (sotto voce) then Crescendos to ff
  • Section B is much louder than Section A and the Coda
  • Uses Smorzando towards the end, just before the Coda
  • Ends Very Softly
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  • Homophonic Texture
  • Monophonic at the End (in Coda)
  • Section A has Broken Chordal accompaniment
  • Section B has a Chordal accompaniment
  • Expressive use of loud and soft pedals
  • In Section B the RH uses Octaves
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  • Only 89 Bars long (quite short)
  • Ternary Form - ABA and Coda
  • With a short Coda at the end
  • Disproportionally long Section B- longer than all the other sections put together
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Harmony and Tonality

  • Harmony is largely Diatonic with some Chromatic notes
  • Also uses 7ths and 9ths
  • Regular Cadences define the Keys
  • It modulates throughout the piece to related and unrelatedkeys, Modulations include:

-Ab Major and Minor

-Bb Minor

-G# Minor

  • Uses Pedal note of Ab then G# when the key changes
  • Section A is in Db major and Section B is in C# minor
  • Enharmonically, C# is the tonic minor of Db major as Db major is the enharmonic equivilent of C# minor
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