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this are card o science my test is on the 20 june

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acids and alkalis

acids have an equally strong alkali which evens them out the pH scale goes up 14 getting dark if you have a coloured pH scale pH scale measures how high the pH is if you take indigestion tablets the have and alkali which evens out the acid making you have indigestion

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chemical and physical changes

chemical changes are irreversible physical changes are reversible changes so if i fry an egg it is a chemical change but melting butter is a physical change as you can get it back if you cool it down

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neclues controls the cell

cell membrane controls what goes in and out

cell wall

chloroplast helps with photosynthesis

cytoplasm is where chemical reactions take place

cilia cells move dirt through the throat

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If a rock has eroded it has been weathered by either physical, biological or chemical. Physical weathering is when the air in side the rocks heat up in the day and then get really cold in the night  this expands the rock so eventually parts of the rock fall off in chunks. Biological weathering is caused by animals feeding and plant seeds falling and growing in the cracks of the rocks. Chemical weathering is caused by acid rain that falls natually and normal rain that falls in the cracks of the rocks.

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cood look

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