Chinese Cinderella, Adeline Yen Mah



'The radio warned of a possible typhoon the next day'Pathetic fallacy . Weather is uncertain and possibly threatening, reflects how Mah feels about the future / thoughts of future.

'Holy of Holies'- Metaphorical term gives impression of study as a palce usually off limits to Mah. Suggests a sacred place only accessed by priests.

'Why?'- Rhetorical question shows Mah searching for explanation.

'Me, the winner?'- Series of rhetorical questions show her immediate reaction- doesn't speak aloud- all reaction here is internal.

'I only had to stretch out my hand to reach the stars?'- Hyperbole expresses how the happiness of the moment transports her far from usual experiences.

'How come you won?'- italics suggests his surprise at her winning.

'you will go to will go to medical school... you will specialise in will learn to deliver their babies'- Repetition of 'will' makes its definite and decided. No option to question decision.

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'Your chauffeur'- Indicates wealth of family, but also how no member comes themselves to get her.

'Full of foreboding...wondering who had died this time'- 'foreboding' suggets Mah's relationship with her family. Shows type the circumcstances she is usually called home for.

'the chauffeur replied rudely'- no respect or sympathy even though she is part of the family he works for.

'Your parents moved here a few months ago.' - Shows how detached Mah is, and the lack of communication between her and her family.

Her siblings were 'sunbathing by the pool'- shows the contrast and difference between her lifestyle and her siblings'.

'happy mood'- description of father is very different from expectation.

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'pleased to tell him you are my daughter'- Father reveals his reason for good mood, that he could show off and look good to others.

'there were no other competitors'- When Mah finally speaks it is in direct question from her father. Self- depreciating and does not convey the joy she felt inside. She is very guarded.

'Writer!' he scoffed'- Immediatley dismisses her mockingly.

'Don't you agree?'- Comes across as domineering and expects her to agree.

'Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive' - Mah is not put off by her father's attitude. Excitement. Thoughts are far away as she thinks of poetry.

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  •  Mood shifts as Mah enters study and father appears much happier and relaxed than anticipated. First unexpected detail, and it foreshadows unexpected news of Mah's win in the competition.
  • Report contains more words of direct praise for her achievement than are spoken by her father. News of her win is conveyed through newspaper report.
  • Extract ends with Mah's mood changed, completely from unhappy dread about future to exhilaration and excitement about going to university.
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  • Direct Speech to convey relationships and characters
  • Use of rhetorical questions to convey inner feelings
  • Use of first person for a personal memoir
  • Use of hyperbole to express emotion
  • Short sentences to convey surprise and excitement
  • Pathetic fallacy to create mood of foreboding
  • Punctuation to convey surprise and excitement.
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