China: a new tourism destination and generating country (outbound tourism)

  • Outbound tourism
  • China as a destination
  • The impact on employment GDP
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Outbound tourism

  • Chinese outbound tourism has increased rapidly over the last decade
  • 31 million chinese travelled abaord in 2005
  • World Tourism Organisation assumed China will be the fourth largest source of outbound tourists at 2020

Reason for the increase:

  • rising disposable incomes
  • longer holidays
  • increasing interest in overseas travel
  • relaxed political restrictions- the Chinese government has now given 129 countries Approved Destination Status
  • advertising/ promotions by ADS coutries anxious to secure their market share of Chinese tourists
  • greater availability of travel products and services throught China
  • greater availability of travel products and services throughout China

China's economy:

  • China's economy over last 20 years has been the main factor of the increase in Chinese foreign tourism
  • peopl are able to save more and to spend more on their homes, clothes, food, drink and transport
  • also able to spend more on tourism

There is a really strong link between rising disposable incomes and the demand for tourism


  • There is government regulations prevented people travlling aboard before in China
  • breakthrough came in 1983, allowed people to organise trops to visit friends or relatives in Hong Kong
  • then later on people are allowed to travel to differnt countries
  • it allowed more scope for foreign direct investment
  • middle class expands incomes rise, Chinese travel tastes have moved up the value chian
  • afford higher priced holidays in more exotic locations
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Chinese as a destination

  • The number of fourgein visitors to China reached 22 million in 2006
  • UNWTO predicts that China will become the world's most visited destination by 2020
  • The 2008 Olympics Games in Beijing and the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai will be improtant boosts to tourism in China, which has the advatage of a wide variety of destinations within the country
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The impact on employment and GDP

  • The world travel and tourism council estimates that 16.6 million people , 2.1 per cen of total employment, are employed in the travel and tourism industry
  • Chinese people to spend more on tourism because of higher incomes
  • spending has stimulated further economic growth
  • Beijing is China's top tourist destination
  • it contriutes 8 per cent to the city's GDP
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