Facts about China's energy demand and supply


  • Demand will grom from 3.5m /day to 13m in 2030
  • Currently holds 3% of world's oil reserves
    --> 18b. barrels of oil reserves
    --> China was self-sufficient until 1993; it's recent economic boom meant
          an increased reliance on imports
          -->  Rapid industrialisation + demand for energy have turned it from net exporter of oil into a net importer   
  • Reliant on coal for 70% of energy production
    --> on average, China builds 3 coal power stations/week (in 2006, it added the capacity of France to its national grid)
    --> coal use has doubled since 1990
          --> CO2 emissions now exceed UK
  • 2005 - PetroChina was 7th in the top 20 oil companies
    (90% state owned, not really considered a TNC) 
  • Production of solar cells --> prices fall --> can sell to developing countries 
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India - Africa

  • India - China is in conflict with India --> political rivalry
  • Both countries are developing at rapid rates, as is their energy demand. Therefore there is conflict over available energy and who will have access to it
  • East Siberia-Pacific Oil Pipeline
    --> will allow China (and India) to receive oil from Russia
    --> competition with Japan as they also wish to extend their supplies due to very few of their own reserves (similar to China)
  • Africa - bilateral agreements ensuring oil supply
    --> oil being prioritised over humanitarian concerns in Sudan 
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