Children and March of Progress

Doll Test

Children were given two dolls-one white and one black.

They were asked a series of questions such as who is prettiest. Most chose the white child.

All positives white and all negative questions black

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Gender Inequalities between children


Girls do better in tests, higher grades. 

Jens Broke found that girls do more domestic labour.

Mayer Hillman found boys more likely to be let out more

Approproate gender codes such as colour, clothes, toys. 

Parents direct childrens interests

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Ethnic Inequalities between children


Julia Brannons-Asian parents stricter towards teenagers

Whites and Asians more likely to do better in education

Whites are largest ethnic group, 4/5th of all pupils

Hastings- whites do less development between age of 11-16 than blacks or asians

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Class Inequalities between children


Poorer mothers are more likely to have underweight babies. 

Unskilled manual workers are more likely to have children with disorders

Children from middle class families are more likely to do better at school than working class

Middle class take greatest majority of uni places

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