children development

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different types of families

  • residential care home
  • foster home
  • adotive family
  • nuclear family
  • extended family
  • single /lone parent family
  • step family (reconsitted modifed)
  • shared care family
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  • suitible clothing fo the climate
  • suitibe and shelter
  • food and drink to enable them to grow and be healhy
  • money to provide basic needs eg books and toys
  • apporiate health care
  • secure and stable enviroment
  • physical care
  • opportunties for learning and developing
  • socialsation skills
  • training and discipline
  • encourgement and praise to devlopement slef esteem and confidence
  • love affection comfort companionship and friendship
  • good role models
  • reasonable expectations for their age
  • communication skills
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consideration beofre having a child

  • can i cope with lack of sleep and altered sleep patterns
  • am i fit active and healthy enough to be a parent
  • am i too young ot too old to be a parent
  • am i mature enough fot the long lasting resonibility that a child will bring
  • will i still be able to have an active social life go on holiday pursue my hobbies
  • am i willing to change my lifestyle to acommodate the needs of the child
  • who will babysit if i go out
  • is my realtionship with my partner stable so that i can create a good and loving enivoroment
  • what support can i except from my family and friends
  • have i done all the things i want to do orwill i resent my child for restricting my freedom
  • do i have realistic expectations of children
  • will my job prospects be affected if i have a career break
  • do i ant to stay at home and look after my child
  • who will look after my child if i reurn to work
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the apgar score

  • eyes ear and nose
  • fontelle
  • fingers and toes
  • abdomen
  • genitals
  • spine
  • nerves and muscles
  • chest and heart
  • mouth
  • hip joints
  • arms and hands
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  • free from family planning clinics
  • widely avaliable in chemists supermarkets etc
  • protects both partners from STI's
  • protects both partners from STIs including aids
  • no health risks from side effects
  • a wide variety to choose from
  • wors immentdently once fitted
  • can remain in place for a long time
  • easily taken orally
  • can relieve PMT and painful periods
  • effective for up to 3 years
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adoptation provides a permanent home for a child whose parents are unable to do so adoptive parents come from a wide vairety of backgrounds and must undergo extensive and rigous checks by social services to ensure their suitibility this also applies if a child is adopted aboard when an adoption is finalised in court of the birth parents the child usually takes the new family name

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residential care home

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residential care home

small groups of children are looked afetre by carers in a family type structure care home are run by social serivces and are designed only short term care

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