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Different childhoods and different life chances.

90% of the world’s low birth weight babies are born in the 3rd world.

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Bonke found that girls do more domestic labour ESPECIALLY in lone-parent families where they do 5 times more than boys.

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Social class

Poor mothers are more likely to have low birth-weight babies, which in turn is linked to delayed physical and intellectual development

Woodroffe found that children of unskilled manual workers are more likely to suffer from hyperactivity & 4 times more likely to experience conduct disorders than the children of professionals.

Howard found that children born into poor families are also more likely to die in infancy or childhood, to suffer longstanding illnesses, to be shorter in height, to fall behind at school, and to be placed on the child protection register.

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Brannens study of 15-16year olds found that Asian parents were more likely those other parents to be strict towards their daughters.

Bhatti found that ideas “izzat”{family honour} could be a restriction, particularly on the behavior of girls.

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Therefore we can not speak of “children” in general as if they were all equal[this is because social class, gender, nationality and ethnicity all affect their life chances.

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