Child Language Acquisition: Early Phonological Errors

Just some brief notes on the terminology of early phonological errors in A2 English Language.

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Deletion - emitting the final consonant in words

do(g), ca(t), cu(p)

Substitution - substituting one sound for another

pip instead of ship

Addition - when a vowel is added to the end of a word

dog is pronounced dogu, doggie

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Assimilation - changing one consonant or vowel for another, sometimes because of the influence of another in the same word

gog for dog, bub for tub

Reduplication - when a syllable/phoneme is repeated

dad, mama, moo-moo

Consonant cluster reductions - where there are consonant clusters (two or more consonants together in a word), a child may drop one of the consonants to make it easier to articulate

pider for spider, geen for green

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Deletion of unstressed syllables - omitting the opening syllable in polysyllabic words

nana for banana

Voicing - when voiceless consonants like p, t, f, s (sounds produced without using the vocal chords) are replaced by their voiced equivalents b, d, v, z

zok instead of sock

De-voicing - when voiced consonants (sounds produced by the vocal chords as well as the mouth/tongue/lips) are replaced by their voiceless equivalents

pag instead for bag

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