Child Development (Antinatal Clinic)

what happens in a antinatal clinic

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They will check your weight

to make sure the pregnant lady is not gaining to much weight then she should

also to make sure she is gaining enough.

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they will check her blood pressure

to make sure that her blood pressure is not to high than it should be.

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they will check her urine

to check for sugar, protien and to see if she has diabetes.

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they will examine the uterus

to make sure her feotus is okay and healthy and not damaged.

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they will check the feotals heart beat

to make sure that it is ok and to see it its heart beat is strong and healthy

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they will also do a ultrasound scan

to check the foetals ; age, size, weight, gender, heart beat.

they normally do this at about 12 and 19 weeks, if they baby is healthy and no problems then it will just be twice during the whole pregnancy.

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Blood check

check he blood type, and to see if the mother is ammune to rubella

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aAmniocentesis (a test offered)

they will take a sample of amniotic fluid, to deect chromazons abnormality

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Chronic villus sampling (test offered)

CVS- detects down syndrome in the feotus

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