Child development

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Healthy Diet

Vitamin C needed for connective tissue, to aid absorption of iron. Found in Oranges and other citrus fruits.

Iron foods for healthy blood, produces haemoglobin, prevents anaemia. Found in Whole Grains, Fortified Cereals and green leafy vegetables.

Calcium foods to prevent calcium deficiency in mum, for the development of baby’s bones and teeth. Baby takes mother's supply.Found in Milk and yogurt.

 Dietary fibre – prevents constipation, common problem in pregnancy, helps mum feel full up so less chance putting on extra weight

Protein - To increase growth and repair fish or chicken should be taken.

Vitamin D is reccomended to improve calcium absorption. Sources include Sunlight and Oily fish.

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Healthy Diet

low salt diet, may raise blood pressure - prevent pre eclampsia 

low sugar diet, to prevent damage to teeth which are already vulnerable during pregnancy. Avoid sweets and fizzy drinks

limit caffeine – high levels can lead to low birth weight and cause miscarriage - found in tea and coffee

Avoid liver as high Vitamin A levels will have toxic effect on unborn baby - may cause birth defects

Do not 'eat for two' - could cause excess weight gain - only 100-200 extra calories in last trimester  

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Healthy Diet

Folic acid -  supplements,spinach and green leafy veg - prevents spina bifida

Pregnant women should avoid raw eggs and under cooked chicken as it carries the risk of the mother getting salmonella poisoning. Which could be fatal.

Women should try to follow the guide lines set out by the eat well plate. 

Mothers should take plenty of water to avoid dehydration. 

soft cheeses, blue veined cheeses, paté, meat not cooked through and cook-chill foods not reheated properly. Can result in listeriosis which can cause miscarriage, stillbirth or severe illness in the newborn baby

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Healthy Diet

poorly washed fruit, vegetables and salad ingredients as pregnant women may be infected with toxoplasmosis resulting in miscarriage, stillbirth, eye damage

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