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Male reproductive organs

Bladder- Contains Urine

Vas Deferens;Sperm Duct- Carries sperm from the Testes

Penis- places semen in the vagina of the female

Foreskin- skin that covers the tip of the penis. sometimes can be removed for religious medical reasons.

Uretha- The tube carrying urine and semen.

Scrotum- The bag of skin holds the testes to keep them cool.

Testes- Produces testorsterone

Seminal Vesicle:Makes a fluid-seminal fluid

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Female reproductive organs

Uterus;increases from 30g to 1kg in weight during pregnancy-very muscular walls.

Endometrium; lining of the uterus-it's where the egg implants.

Fallopian tube;link between ovary and uterus- where fertilisation takes place.

Funnel; catches the released ova.

Ovaries; Produce the hormones oestorgen and progesteron.

Vagina;sperm is deposited at the to of the vagina.

Cervix;ring of muscle.

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