Child Development

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Types of family.

Nuclear- Mum, dad and children

Single Parent- Mum or dad or responsible adult and children. Only one parent makes the decision for the children.

Foster- Child in an approved persons care for a short amount of time.

Adoptive- Child living with non biological parents who have parental rights over the child.

Shared care- Mum and dad have separated but still make joint decisions for the child. Also share time spent with the child.

Same sex- Child's parents are gay or lesbian.

Looked after- Child is in the care of the local authority.

Step- Parents re marry take responsibility for new partners children.

Extended- Where a child lives with their close relatives like grandparents.

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Pre-conceptual Care.

Take folic acid for 3 months before conception- Prevents spinabiffada.

Stop smoking- For your own health and foetal development.

Eat healthy- Fresh vegetables, fresh fruit.

Reduce or stop alcohol intake- For your own health and foetal development.

Stop taking unprescribed drugs- For your own health and foetal development.

Avoid x-rays- Radioactivity can be fatal to your baby or cause damage to the foetus.

Aviod eating dairy products like cream cheese and raw eggs- They can carry disease which is harmful to the foetus.

Avoid contact with German measles- Can result in disabilily to the foetus.

Advise your doctor, dentist and work place of your pregnancy so that they will avoid treatments or work which could be harmful.

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Female Reproduction.

Menstrual cycle- Period of around 28 days when a womans womb ovulates.

Vagina- A tract leading to the uterus.

Uterus- Where the baby developes known as the womb.

Fallopian tubes- Where the egg travels to the uterus.

Urethra- Connects the bladder to the vagina.

Ovary- Produce the eggs.

Cervix- Neck of the womb.

*****- External genital organ.

********- Female sex organ.

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Male Reproduction.

Penis- Male reproductive organ.

Testis- Where the sperm is produced.

Semen- Sperm.

Foreskin- Protects the tip of the penis. Can be removed surgically.

Epididymus- White coils cupped against the testicles. Storage space for sperm.

Vas deferens- Carries the sperm from the Epididymus in anticipation of ***********.

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