Child Development.

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Family and Parenthood.

Q: What is a family?

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A: A basic unit of society.

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Q: What does a family provide?

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* Secure, stable enviroment,

* Love and affection,

* Basic needs. e.g. Food, Clothing etc.

* Role Models

* Shelter.

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Q: What are the different types of families?

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* Nuclear,

* Extended,

* Step,

* Single parent,

* Shared care,

* Adoptive.

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Q: What is a nuclear family?

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A: A nuclear family is when two parents and children are living in the same household.

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Q: What is an extended family?

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A: Parents and children and a family member living in the same household.

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Q: What is a Step family?

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A: When a couple divorces and children are involved that share two different households.

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Q: What is a single parent family?

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A: When a mother and her children live on their own. This may be caused by several reasons e.g. Death of the other half, doption of other half and evan a divorce.

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Q: What is a shared care family?

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