Child Dev

Child Dev.

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Nuclear family - Parents and children live together in the family home.

Extended family - Parents and children live with or near relatives like, grandparents, auntys, cousions or uncles.

Step family - Reconsituted/ modified/ blended. Is formed when one or both people in a couple with children from a previous relationship - remarry or co-habit.

Single parent - Mostly but not always, comprises a mother and her children. Divorce, death of a parent, adoption by a single parent.

Shared care - Children live in two households, and spend time with both parents.

Adoptive family - These must pass rigorous test by social services. Same sex couples, single parent familys, nuclear family. Reasons may be, infertility, adoption after remarriage, adoption of a family member.

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Foster and residential care.

Look-after children - Are 'looked after' by the local authority through social services. This could be an agreement of the parents. Reasons - death or illness in the family, sexual or physical abuse or neglect, disabilty of the child or parents need respite care.

Foster familys - Provide long or short term care. Carers are checked by social services. They come from all different backgrounds just as adoptive parents.

Residential care homes - Provide short term care for children, they're situated in the local community. Children with disabilities and behavioural problems may require long term care.

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