child development

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Blood Test

A test carried out by the community midwife usually at "booking in",16 weeks and 32 weeks of pregnancy 

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Antenatal Clinic

A set time and pace in which pregnant mother`s can meet with their midwives in order to monitor their health and the baby health. 

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The part of the blood that transports oxygen around the body and through the placenta to the fetus  

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Ultrasound Scan

A test carried out at the hospital that gives a visual image of the fetus in the uterus 


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Checking for a suspected problem that has been identified as a possiability 

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Testing of the fluid surrounding the fetus 

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Tests are provided for everybody in order to make sure that problems can be identify

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Rhesus Factor

This indicates whether the blood group is positive or negitive 

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Chorionic Villus Sampling

Test the cells of the palcenta

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