Chester - Social Welfare Implications

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Implications for Social Welfare

Inner City - more diverse mix of residents, in terms of age, occupations and income level. Less permanent (more transient), many leaving quickly due to university, for example. Ares lies on route from Chester to Blacon, an edge of city area with higher deprivation levels. This and the high student population means higher crime rates (500 incidents per month). Sheltered accomodation for the elderly, with a doctors surgery close by and Countess of Chester only 5 minutes away. Blacon High School - 42% 5A*-C grades. Places limited at Upton HS.

Rural-Urban Fringe - More stable (less transient), older, higher paid employment. High levels of car ownership, so high mobility levels. Many retired people, with services to care for them. Possible difficulties accessing services when elderly can no longer use a car. Nearest hospital on the other side of the city (20 mins drive). Low crime levels (5 incidents per month). Christelton High School - 74% 5A*-C grades - achievement and education opportunities are high here.

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